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Mirrors Custom Frames Furniture Martin Ricks Fine Art


From the somewhat crude Louis XIII to the precise Louis XIV to the elegant Louis XV, French frames are the "Coup de Gras" in frame design. French frames effectively celebrate a work of art and reward its viewer with a strong statement for the artwork. Not for the faint of heart, French frames consist of strong fluid design with an organic feel. Flowers and shells, vines and scrolls mix sculpture and architecture for the desired effect. French frames are feminine in nature, however they can also be used to overstate the value of any painting. Contemporary paintings are often juxtaposed with a French frame, creating an unusually pleasing combination.

L132 L133CH L134FS L14-471 L144-CC L144-CC (Grey) L146-CC L15214-CC L153 L153-CC L153-CCFC L153-SH L153-SH (Grey) L153-SH (REM) L15318 L15318-B L15318-REG L15548ccg L155 L15514-CCDS L15514-CCLVV L1565 L1565 (REM)
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