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Mirrors Custom Frames Furniture Martin Ricks Fine Art

Custom Frames

The great masters exhibited their artwork in fine frames, understanding that only a frame equal in quality to their own art could properly display their works. Krieger-Ricks has long been a primary framing source for contemporary artists, manufacturing museum-quality frames of its own design or replicated from antiques.Krieger-Ricks frames surround many artistic works displayed in museums and galleries throughout the country. These frames are easily distinguishable as Krieger-Ricks frames by our personal signature hand finishes developed from time-honored, classic artistic traditions. The substrate is constructed utilizing contemporary manufacturing processes and materials, resulting in a frame equivalent in design quality but superior in durability to those made during the Renaissance.Custom frames are available in a variety of styles and finishes, accommodating the budgets of both the fledgling artist and the endowed museum. Finish variations are offered in 12K, 16K, 18K and 22K (karat) gold leaf as well as gold or silver metal leaf.

American American Impressionist Arts and Crafts Contemporary Drawing Dutch Federal Florentine French Hudson River Italian Louis XVI Regency Rosette Spanish Taos Whistler
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