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Mirrors Custom Frames Furniture Martin Ricks Fine Art

American Impressionist

The American Impressionist frames are inspired by American painters of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These artists were typically located in the southwestern region. Their style of painting was bold and colorful. The frames designed for these artists featured clean lines and the hand-carved artisan's touch. 2-FEC 2-MOD AM25-461 K-BEL AM4-THT AM434-502 CA212-100 KNM-100 KNM-200 CA212-300 CA4-100 CA4-200 K-THP LRGK NM212 NM315 A1-LOOP KNM-400 NM4-462 NM4-AR500 NM5-100 NM5-300 2-LOOP 1-IMP NM3B-AD NM3B-AI NM3B-E 2-462 AM334-101 AM434-HSSM CA212-200 CA4-300 NM3-AR500 NM4 NM5-200 K-AMC

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