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Mirrors Custom Frames Furniture Martin Ricks Fine Art


American frames, noted for their simple and stately elegance are here depicted for your enjoyment. Two other categories, American Impressionist and Arts and Crafts are of American origin as well. The frames in the American category are the first examples of frames produced in the "New World" for artists painting European style lanscapes and portraits. The designs are simple and refined, sometimes with severe lines and proportions. AM1-454 AM1-DS2 AM2 AM2-541 AM2-FLT AM21-BDS AM21-FLT AM22-BDS AM22-FLT AM234 AM234-EXT AM278 AM3 AM3-472 AM3-A AM33-FLT AM4 AM414-WH AM434-BDS AM434-FLT AM525 AMDR

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